No Child Left Alone (In a Car): OnStar Reminds Parents

In an effort to spread awareness about Hyperthermia related deaths of children and pets, OnStar has begun a campaign that will last until August 14th, reminding all who call in-not to leave their loved ones unattended in a car. The National Weather Service and   Safe Kids World Wide have added additional warnings with their own specific campaigns addressing the issue.

According to The National Weather Service, 28 children have died since March due to heat related deaths in a vehicle. Safe Kids World Wide states that in just 10 minutes, a car’s temperature can rise by 19 degrees. Even cracking the windows does not prove to alleviate the heat.  Instead, the car acts like an oven; hot enough to cook an egg and hot enough to kill.

Each year an estimated 30 children die from hyperthermia. Over the course of the last decade, the total number has risen to near 450.  Most, if not all of these deaths could have been prevented.

Just last week, an Autistic man died of Hyperthermia in Philadelphia, PA.  Brian Nevins, 20, was found dead when his counselor found him in a parked van outside his home care facility. He was not noticed missing until a nurse went looking for him around 4 p.m. to give him medication. The two counselors who were looking after Brian had taken him and another patient on a short trip to Sesame Place earlier that afternoon. They had returned to the care facility around noon with a total of 5 patients picked up from an adjoining home. Brian never made it out of the car.

Even if running into a store for just a minute-Don’t Risk It!

Always bring your child, senior adult or pet inside with you.

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