The “Van Hauler” Comes to Jack Maxton

There is a lot of excitement going on today at Jack Maxton Chevrolet.  A bright red Chevy truck pulled into the service garage this weekend. This is not your ordinary truck. This rare Chevy truck has a Corvette engine, chrome slashed rims, custom rear end and a flashy paint job with graphics that resemble a… guitar? Yep-that’s right, it’s the “Van Hauler” truck and Jack Maxton is servicing it.

This truck was previously owned by Eddie Van Halen. Purchased in 1993, Van Halen asked Boyd Coddington to build a special Chevy truck that would reflect his personality and brand. Christened the “Boyd Hauler”, the running gear was comprised of an LT1 engine, trans and fully independent suspension from a new Corvette.  The truck was featured in many magazines and became so popular that in 1998 Testors produced a model kit of Van Halen’s famous Truck.

As with all fame and glory, eventually, the condition of the truck deteriorated and became nothing more than a clunker with a strange looking paint job. After Boyds death in 2008, Eddie Van Halen and the American Hotrods shop in Anaheim, CA came together to rejuvenate the truck. Re-christened the “Van Hauler”, they updated the paint scheme with the Wofang elements, replaced the wheels and gave it some magic. The vehicle went on display at San Diego Classic & Muscle Cars last year and then in January 2010 went to auction in Scottsdale, AZ where a private buyer purchased the vehicle.

Now-the truck is sitting in the garage at Jack Maxton Chevrolet’s service department, getting some work done. The mechanics recognized this famous rod immediately. It’s not often that famous vehicle comes this way.

(Pictures of the “Van Hauler” at Jack Maxton Chevrolet, Columbus, Ohio)

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