The Power of Onstar: Local Thief Caught Red Handed

This past week, Jack Maxton Chevrolet experienced first hand the true value of OnStar. A brand new 2011 Camaro was stolen one morning, making for the start of a very hectic day.

Jack Maxton immediately called the Worthington City Police and OnStar. The OnStar representatives verified the police, than worked hand in hand with local officers from both Worthington City and Columbus Police division, to track down this criminal and his stolen loot.

OnStar activated the vehicles Global Positioning System (G.P.S), using a feature called Stolen Vehicle Location Assistance, and relayed to the police, street by street, which way the criminal was headed. They had open contact at all times with the police department, who followed discretely behind the stolen vehicle.

Finally, when the police were in position, they gave OnStar the okay to work their magic. With the push of a button, OnStar disabled the engine with a feature called Stolen Vehicle Slow down. The Camaro coasted safely to a stop. The confused and bewildered criminal was immediately apprehended and taken to jail. The Camaro, after being checked by the police, was returned to Jack Maxton and is now safely back on the lot.

“What’s amazing,” says one of the new car managers at Jack Maxton Chevrolet, “is that we tell our customers how valuable OnStar is…but you really don’t think about the true value until you’re faced with a situation and you need their help.”

OnStar truly did make this a happy ending for Jack Maxton Chevrolet and a not so happy ending for the crummy car thief, who will undoubtedly be facing some lengthy jail time since grand theft (auto) is a Felony.

Thousands of vehicles are stolen every year, but with new technology like OnStar, thief’s will think twice about taking a set of wheels. OnStar, in addition to stolen vehicle recovery and assistance, provides services and features such as roadside assistance, Turn by Turn navigation (TBT), Automatic Crash Response (ACR), remote vehicle diagnostics, remote honk and lights, remote key unlock, and communications. It really is a wonderful feature and only GM carries or offers this option.

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