Cruzin’ Right Along

There’s a lot of talk out there about the new 2011 Chevy Cruze coming this fall (Yes, Jack Maxton will have inventory available). A lot of talk mentions the Cruze’s sleek design and the roomy interior. A lot of talk touches upon the variable displacement oil pump that helps the Cruze get 40mpg. There’s also talk about the 1.4l turbo charged Ecotec or 1.8 naturally aspirated engine. A lot of talk raves about the 138 horsepower and 148 lb per foot of torque. Yep, there’s a lot of hype about this car, because quite honestly, it’s amazing.

For those out there who think this is just another car, take a look again. Beside all the mumbo jumbo techie talk that all car enthusiasts love to throw around, there is some solid information available for us non-technical folk who want to know the real scoop. With all the cars available in the market today…why buy a Cruze?

Let’s start with price. The starting price is $16,995 (LS) and up to $22,695 (LTZ). That’s not bad considering the average price for a new vehicle is now $29,000. So what does $16.995 get you? It gets you a 138-horsepower (peppy) four-cylinder with a six-speed manual transmission, along with 10 air bags, traction control, OnStar and keyless entry.

Next, take a look at fuel efficiency. Gas prices this week are around $2.69 per gallon. Don’t expect them drop significantly any time soon either. The Chevy Cruze offers a new technology that regulates the flow of oil into the engine. This provides better fuel use overall and that gets you about 40 miles on just $2.69. Sounds good doesn’t it?

Let’s talk about safety, seriously. With an increasing amount of vehicles on the road each year and the probability of a motor vehicle accident increasing with it, safety should be a top priority. The value of OnStar is truly tremendous and although this article is not about OnStar, we will mention again that OnStar’s Automatic Crash Response System (along with many, many other safety features) is standard with ALL GM products, including the Cruze.

So what all does the Cruze offer in the safety category? The Cruze has airbags. Not one, two, four, or even six…How does ten sound? There are 30 new safety patents, credited to Chevrolet engineer Scott Thomas, for new and improved vehicle restraint and airbag systems. There is Stabilitrak (traction control) with anti-skid, roll over sensors, and a collapsible pedal system. A what? Basically, the pedals “detach” during an accident, helping prevent nasty ankle and leg injuries.

Finally, with everything aforementioned above, let’s just face it. The Cruze is a sharp looking car. Its smooth, aerodynamically designed shell, with futuristic looking interior,  is just plain cool!

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