The Key That Wont Get Lost

GM announced on Friday 9/3 that a new micro computer developed for the Buick LaCrosse knows when to lock & unlock your doors .  Sounds pretty sophisticated, huh? It is indeed. The new technology developed and tested by Dave Proefke, a General Motors technician, leads a team  that has worked to create an advanced wireless car key that automatically knows when to lock and unlock the doors on the 2011 Buick LaCrosse.

The computer attempts to “determine your intended action and perform that action for you” says Proefke. The new key doesn’t need a button or a keyhole. It sends out a constant stream of data to the vehicle that tells the vehicle where they key is located at all times. The vehicle  then knows whether to lock the doors or not.

Remember those days of getting the groceries out of your trunk and accidentally forgetting that you left your keys resting just inside…or perhaps those days when your car’s engine was running and you needed to get out of the vehicle for something, just to shut the door and here the “click” of the locking mechanism? Waiting for the lock smith seemed to take forever, especially if it was a in the cold of winter, not to mention the nice little chunk of change it cost you.

The new micro computer “knows” whether or not the key is present inside the car. If it is, theft-deterrent encrypted coding allows the vehicle to start. This new technology also removes many of the mechanical wiring and cylinder systems of the ignition key, making it much harder to steal.

If the Buick’s computer thinks the key has been left in the vehicle it will attempt to remind the driver. If the driver tries to manually lock the doors, a fob system will keep the doors unlocked.

Finally, a little peace of mind for the hectic and busy, who sometimes misplace little things…like car keys!

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