Employment In These Tough Times: Where are the good jobs? Right Here.

By: Suzanne Williams, Web Marketing Specialist, Jack Maxton Chevrolet

Suzanne Williams, Web Marketing Specialist

When I was hired by Jack Maxton in late June of this year, I was a bit skeptical. I had never worked for a car dealership before. I didn’t know what to expect,  and I certainly didn’t know anything about selling cars. As a mother of three children, holding a Bachelors of Science in Communications and soon to be Masters of Science in Marketing and Communications, I had been looking for employment after my previous internship had long been over. Hearing about the massive layoffs and unemployment challenges that our nation as a whole was experiencing, I was afraid. I took this job, thinking that it was going to be the same as countless other jobs I had held: Long hours, poor pay, poor benefits, co-workers that put down the company and talked about everyone else, poor management, etc.

Within my first month, I was pleasantly surprised that I had not encountered any negativity at the dealership. I had always had poor opinions of salesmen working at dealerships and considered them misers, sharks and swindlers. I quickly found out that the guys working the sales floor had great hearts, and were honestly good people. As the months rolled by, I started getting to know the service guys and gals, the title and finance people, and everyone else who worked at Jack Maxton. I found out that they all were fantastic people. I also found out that it was these people who made Jack Maxton the great company that it is.

I noticed, that when I came home at night, I didn’t find myself complaining to my spouse about my job. I remember my husband saying to me shortly after I was hired, “You must like your job because you aren’t coming home and talking about it”. It got me thinking about my situation. Unlike all my other jobs, I have a great relationship with my immediate boss, and both the owners of Jack Maxton. They are flexible, understanding when it comes to me having children and needing to take time off for my kids, and never once have they put me down. Instead, they tell me how great I am doing and how important I am to them. They are positive, encouraging and value the people they hire.

As I examined my feelings surrounding my new job, I came to this conclusion; Finding the perfect job is like finding your soul mate. It takes some of us years to find that perfect job, and some of us never do. But when you do…you just know it. I woke up today, after being employed for four months, and today I realize that I just know it.

I wanted to write this article for two reasons. First I wanted to explain about misconceptions. We all have them. I was like many people who believe that car dealerships are all the same. After having worked here for four months and personally getting to know the staff inside and out, I realize that not ALL car dealerships are the same.  There are those few gems, who have a strong commitment to their customers and their employees. All be it rare, they do exist and Jack Maxton is one of them. The second reason, I wanted to give hope to anyone out there looking for good employment in these troubling times. It may seem impossible, but when you very least expect it, you might just find it.

Perhaps, you just might find it in a place where before you have had doubts. But if you are having trouble finding good work, don’t despair. Good jobs do still exist, Jack Maxton is proof of that.

When, after you’ have finally found that good job, you’re looking to buy your next car-don’t forget to stop by Jack Maxton. You’ll find we are different, we are better, and I stand behind that 100%

One response to “Employment In These Tough Times: Where are the good jobs? Right Here.

  1. That’s great to hear. I have been researching cars and local dealerships and Jack Maxton has made a great case for itself without me having ever stepped foot on the lot(s). I drove a Tahoe for a week last year for a Chevy/blog promotion and I was SOLD on it right away, but my husband really wants a Traverse. When we finally decide, Jack Maxton will definitely be a stop during our search.

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