myChevy, myLife, myWay…the Phone App That Does it All

Technology today is incredible.  So incredible in fact, that it is much like we have ripped a page out of a science fiction novel and manifested it into reality. Phone applications are just a small piece of the pie, but even they are becoming more and more sophisticated. Phone App’s have literally brought the world to our fingertips, even as we busily hustle about here and there. What a neat piece of technology…and it’s getting even cooler!

In case you haven’t heard, Chevrolet has created a phone application called “MyChevrolet Mobile App”. This application is available for iPhones and Android platforms. Possibly, other phones in the future. So what is it all about?

Chevrolet wanted to provide Chevy owners with a unique ownership experience. The mobile application allows for open communication to exist between Chevy owners and their dealerships, making for a type of relationship to evolve  never heard of before in the car industry.

The MyChevrolet app provides Chevrolet customers with a searchable Owner’s Manual, one-touch information for warning lights and indicators, parking reminder notifications (with photos, notes and meter timer), and the ability to locate a Chevrolet Dealer and schedule service-all from your mobile device.  The apps functions and capabilities include:

  • Roadside assistance-one click to call, map location.
  • Parking Reminder: location maps, photos, notes, meter timer, directions.
  • Schedule Service-locate and set preferred dealer.
  • Locate a dealer.
  • Searchable compressed Owner’s Manual.
  • Current offers.
  • Explanation of instrument clusters.
  • Create a profile with VIN scanner to identify your exact vehicle.
  • Link to OnStar and MyLink (Remote control door lock/unlock, remote vehicle information, etc).

You can find this FREE application at on your web browser, or iPhone users at itms:// and Android users at

The MyChevrolet Mobile app is available for ALL 2011 MY Vehicles.  If you need help setting up your personal or vehicle profile, visit myChevrolet Mobile Application Help Guide on Jack Maxton’s website  or call your sales specialist.

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