Chevy Camaro Z28: Back to the Future!

Over a year ago, the completed blue prints for the new Chevy Camaro were put on hold indefinitely. The Camaro Z-28, although ready to be brought to life, had to remain on the two- dimensional paper it was drawn on  because the economy lacked the ability to sustain its re-birth.

As a glimpse of economic recovery showed itself this summer, GM Executives gave the go ahead in June, to start building the 2012 Z-28.

The new Camaro is going to rock the socks off your feet!! The reincarnation of the Z-28 is something of a superior beast . The exterior design of the new Z-28 is going to be much more aggressive looking with 20″ wheels,  larger air intakes, front splitter and rear spoiler designed to scream “I’M BADDDD!”.

Under the hood will rest a 6.2 Liter Super Charged LSA V8 with 556 horses and 551 pounds of torque per foot.  With a take off speed of 0-60 mph in just 3.9 seconds, and a top speed of 193 mph, this car will be sure to please.

The cost on the new Z-28 will not stray too far from the current Camaro prices. An estimated $8,000 more on the sticker tag, will get you that V8 super beast. Not a bad deal really. GM said they wanted to make the Camaro Z-28  still affordable for the average person, unlike the Corvette whose target audience is slightly more affluent.

The new IROC-Z28 is going to be in big demand when it comes off the assembly line, as Camaro owners everywhere anticipate its arrival. Hopefully, some time next year, you can be the proud owner of one!

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