Convertible Camaro Awarded to Super Bowl MPV

Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers, Quarterback of the of the Green Bay Packers was awarded a brand new Chevy Camaro Convertible at a press conference on Monday. A media panel and fan vote on deemed Rodgers the lucky MVP winner due to his performance and leadership in the Packers victory against the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday night.

Kevin Mayer, Director of Chevrolet Marketing, stated  “We think the new Camaro Convertible is a fitting tribute to that great  performance last night”.

In case you didn’t notice, the new convertible appeared on the field during the post game celebration. The new Convertible Camaro will make its own special appearance somewhere around the end of this month at Jack Maxton Chevrolet. Long awaited, and revered among top muscle cars, the convertible now propels the Camaro to fulfill its destiny. The new convertible will come with an available 3.6 liter Direct Injection V6 engine, or as the V8-powered, 426-hp SS model. The convertible will also have a power top, so driver can let loose and enjoy the fun of open-air driving.

If you are interested in pre-ordering a convertible Camaro, Jack Maxton Chevrolet is officially taking deposits. The convertible Camaro is expected to sell like hot potatoes. To reserve yours today call 1-877-331-1628 or visit for more information.

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