#1 Chevy Dealer in Ohio…What else?

Jack Maxton #1 Chevy Dealer in Ohio…What else?

We can tell you until we are blue in the face that Jack Maxton Chevrolet is the #1 dealership in Ohio. When you are thinking about buying a car, do you remember that statement?  Or…do you go online and read reviews about all local dealerships and visit dealerships to see which one fits you best? Cost and MPG’S is almost always the concern. We explain these concerns to you as a customer; but what else can we do to keep you as a lifetime consumer?

We know at Jack Maxton that it comes down to community and reputation. Walking into a dealership is very intimidating as a buyer. Most think of the “car salesmen” that you see on television. If you read tons of reviews about a dealership that are awful online or by word of mouth, more then likely you do not shop them because you do not want that same experience. Jack Maxton Chevrolet loves feedback; this is one facet that can make a business grow in a positive way.

Here are a couple reviews that were posted on DealerRater.com in April.

 04/23/2011 “I just purchased a 2011 Equinox and this was my first experience with Jack Maxton Chevrolet. My salesman was Frank Eliaspour who was very professional, honest and outgoing. He answered any questions that I had and knew a lot about the vehicle I wanted to purchase. I would highly recommend him to any family and friends. “

 04/17/2011 “Mike was great! He was very attentive to our needs and budget. We shopped several dealers looking for a minivan and felt most comfortable with Mike and Jack Maxton Chevrolet. He was sincere, friendly and honest. I would definitely recommend Mike Champer to anyone who is looking to purchase a vehicle.”

 Also, we like to get involved with the community! In May we are celebrating the Military discount. The discount is always available; but this month we are extending it to Military retirees and their spouses. This is one of the most honorable discounts that we give and is the best military discount from any car company. Cell Phones for Soldiers is another charity event we love to be involved in; making it easier for a soldier to call home to family and friends.

 We also have a great program with Chevy Youth Baseball. Jack Maxton is giving funds to Olentangy Youth Athletic Association to help build a new field for their growing baseball program. With the funds also come shirts, ball buckets, bat bags and bat racks. It is great to be able to support a local team!  

 The Jack Maxton Chevrolet Cruisin’ is one of our favorite events. We get car enthusiasts alike to show off their Chevy’s ranging from 1953 – current. This allows the community to get together and enjoy great timepieces and current marvels. We are celebrating 20 years of Cruisin this year!

 Also, there are a lot of people that work at Jack Maxton Chevrolet and we would like you to get to know them better. This will help you be more comfortable when you are ready to purchase your next vehicle. All staff pictures are on our website http://tiny.ly/w7k4. But here are some interesting facts you can read now. 


Someone to know in New Cars is… 
Andy Mackay
He has been at Jack Maxton over 53 years! He is a great “people” person, loves his job and has great stories to tell.


Our “Corsair” is Chuck Curry – His daughter and grandson work here and he has been employed here 49 years! 

In Used Cars is someone newer, Mike Champer.
He loves working at Jack Maxton Chevrolet because we have a great reputation here and a friendly environment. He has worked at dealerships before and this is his favorite.


InService are Jeff Craig and Clyde Woodson. Both have immense amount of experience and have so much fun doing their jobs. You can see them on the front page of our website: www.jackmaxton.com.

We strive to be more than just another dealership, there are just simply too many out there. You have the right to get to know the people that are selling you one of the biggest purchases of your life; and the people that will be helping you with routine maintenance on your vehicle. So please give us your reviews on http://www.dealerrater.com and feedback on facebook. Jack Maxton wants to keep showing you why we are the #1 Chevy dealership inOhio, and we hope to get to know you soon!

2 responses to “#1 Chevy Dealer in Ohio…What else?

  1. In the 80’s when I first moved to Columbus,I remember an ad for Jack Maxton Chevrolet with Peter Pyrenees, a photo of a pyr in a convertible corvette. Do you still have that photo in your showroom?

    • Hey Debbie!
      We do not have that one in the showroom but, I am going to email you a picture of the original. We just had an employee dinner and we dug out all of those pictures, great timing!

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