Memorial Day Tips and Tricks

With Memorial Day around the corner, big weekend plans are being made. The pools are opening and the amusement parks come alive. What are you doing for the 3-day weekend? Do you find yourself staying around town due to gas prices or do you ask your family to come to your house this year for the cookout excitement? If you do decide to go out of town, here are some tips we would like from Doing it Right “Saving Gas over the Memorial Day Holiday.”

Remember there will be traffic! Leaving a little earlier would definitely help with the amount of traffic you run into. People usually leave Friday after work. If you decide to leave 5-6am on Saturday morning, you could avoid a long wait. But if you get stuck in traffic, pull over to the side and turn off your car. Having your car idol even for 15 minutes can use a quarter-gallon of gas.

Are you going the speed limit? If it says 65mph and you are doing 75mph on a 500-mile drive, that is the difference of getting an extra 4mpg a gallon! If you think about the time that it takes you to fill up versus going a little slower when driving, you are going to end up at point B at the same time and be a little richer. To maintain the 65mph, try using your cruise control. This will save on those fuel sucking surges in speed.

There are going to be those “special” drivers on the road that are taking a weekend stroll. I know with some this spikes the blood pressure and makes you want to drive a little more aggressively. But if you take it easy, you can reduce mileage by 20%!

This should be an easy one to follow… use your air conditioning! It is far more efficient than you might think, and at highway speeds! Opening the windows suck fuel by reducing a vehicle’s aerodynamic efficiency.

Following these tips will help you get from place to place without your gas gauge dropping so quickly!  Jack Maxton Chevrolet wants to wish you a very Happy Memorial Day! Please be safe and enjoy the warm weather that is to come. If you need anything this weekend please visit to see the hours that we are open.

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