Are you thinking Chevy Cruze?

I have a car that is almost 12 years old and this year may be the year to trade it in. The car runs great but the body makes me look like I am still in college. There is a scratch here and a ding there. Getting out the car in a business suit does not do the car, or me, any justice. Then the question pops up “What car would fit my busy lifestyle?” I travel a lot and I always have a car full of stuff. I need something that is spacious and fuel efficient, this is truly a real case scenario. I recently helped a salesperson with a walk around video for the Chevy Cruze and it opened my eyes to how much thought and style went into this car.

This is a compact car that looks sporty and fun to drive. The trunk is amazingly big and the low stance makes it easy to load and unload. I never thought of the low stance but, now that it is offered, without doubt I want it! I can’t say enough about the fuel efficiency… 42mpg highway! When driving over 300 miles most weekends this is so important to me. Looking at the Cruze compared to other compact cars it defiantly stacks up.

Below are pictures that I took of the Cruze in the showroom to show off the stylish look.

Here is the walk around that made me consider the Chevy Cruze as my next car.

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