Pelotonia 2011 here we come!

If someone asked you to ride your bike for more then 10 miles would you be up to it?  What about 23, 43 or even 180 miles? I would say that you are out of your mind! Though, I find myself waking up at 5:15 in the morning to work out and train for a bike ride in August that is 43 miles long. Why? Pelotonia! A word that seems to be rolling off so many people’s tongue these days! This is an amazing event where people come together for one purpose, to raise money for cancer research. 100% of the funds raised goes to the cause! There are so many of us that have felt the wrath of cancer. It could be a family member, friend or co-worker that has had or currently has cancer. No matter who it affects, cancer looks the same on everyone; a difficult story of someone who is loved by many people and struggling. In the big monstrosity of the disease there is a ray of hope. Hope is a big word that should always stay in our minds and hearts. Pelotonia makes hope feel bigger than the disease. This year they are planning on raising 12 million dollars forOhioStateUniversityComprehensiveCancerCenterandJamesCancerHospital, better known locally as The James.

 After having a Pelotonia representative come out and explain to us what Pelotonia is and how we can raise funds to get involved, Jack Maxton Chevrolet decided to form a Peloton team. In full support of Pelotonia, and our Peloton,  the owner of Jack Maxton Chevrolet was gracious enough to pay the entry fee of any employee that wanted to participate. Each Jack Maxton rider has their own reason for wanting to join. Here are a few…

 My name is Tomorrow and I want to ride for cancer.
In the beginning it was just the idea of riding for me, that is to say, for my health, but as I learn about Pelotonia I am developing a new understanding. Pelotonia is people coming together, in a way that is so rarely seen, to attack a problem that affects us all, in some way or another. 100% of the donation raised, 100% people, goes to cancer research! This is when I started to realize, Pelotonia is something BIG! Oh sure, I hear that little voice in my head saying “This is fruitless, what can ONE person do that’s really going to effect change?”, and to that I say “I can be one MORE!” One more helping another on a bicycle, one more raising funds to save lives, one more working for the greater good of humankind! I WANT TO BE ONE MORE RIDING TO END CANCER! For myself, for my children, for my neighbor and the friends I haven’t met yet! If we can do this, what other great things can our collaborations accomplish?! Please be one MORE! My goal is $1200, that’s 120 people giving $10. 100% of which goes to cancer research.100%!!! Donate and help me ride to end cancer!

 My name is Liz and I love cycling and I love making a difference. I feel very fortunate to lead the life I have, and I believe in giving back. My previous experience with cycling for a cause was also for a cancer-related group. It was a life-changing experience for me. I am so excited to do Pelotonia 11 with my coworkers!

I am riding Pelotonia 11 for my cousin, Holly Archer, who was diagnosed more than 7 years ago and continues to fight the battle. She is a beautiful, intelligent and funny woman who inspires others. I am honored to ride for Holly, and I’m proud to ride for others.

I ride for survivors. I ride for fighters. I ride for those who lost the battle. I ride for Holly.

This is my first year doing Pelotonia, and I believe it will be the first of many. Cancer is a horrible disease, and I love the idea that I can help fund the cure just by riding my bike, one of my favorite things. Thanks for supporting me in this endeavor. Together, we will save lives and change the world.

 My name is Heather and there are so many reasons why I want to collect funds for Pelotonia but, we will make this long story short. It seems everyone you ask knows someone who has had cancer or an incurable disease. You think that it will never happen to you or your family and then it comes out of no where. I lost my Dad to lung disease and sister to liver disease. All though there are treatments for these things, survival rate is low. So, when I hear about the leaps and bounds that are being made to cure cancer, I support them in a heart beat. There is the emotional factor and the physical factor. My sister Julie got liver disease from weight loss surgery. She always wanted to be fit and healthy and went to every extreme to be that way. When she was at the end of her rope she decided to have the surgery. Although, she looked great for a couple years, major complications came up. Her weight dropped from 300lbs to 70lbs. The liver disease developed and her dreams of being healthy went out the window. She fought the sickness for 5 years and passed in 2007. Now I want to be the athlete that she couldn’t be. I want to be an example of inspiration to people who think that they can not lose the weight. I have lost 69lbs and want to lose 30lbs more. Riding in this race will defiantly get me going in the right direction. I know that so many people feel discouraged with weight loss, but helping an amazing cause and exercising makes me feel close to the sister I lost.

 Everyone who rides will have a story that is waiting to be told. There are many ways to help with Pelotonia from riding to being a volunteer to making a donation. This is the 3rd year for the event and we are so excited to join in! If you would like to help the Jack Maxton Chevrolet team make it to their $5,000 goal for cancer research please see link below. Please remember 100% of the funds go to cancer research.

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