Be Proud of the Peloton

With Pelotonia coming up so soon, it is very hectic with training and still trying to raise funds for the event. I think I have said a hundred times, “We are raising money for cancer research.”  I find it easy to go through the motions of raising money and saying my spiel day after day. When you are talking to someone who has actually battled the disease, it makes you step back for a second and think about what you are really doing.

I met a very courageous fighter yesterday. I was headed outside when a man came up to me and asked if I was riding in Pelotonia, “I said, Yes!” He told me how great that was and how much the cause meant to him because he is battling cancer. His name is Tom Bentley and he is currently fighting Multiple Myeloma. I know we are riding in Pelotonia to raise money for cancer research, but he said it the best; “1 of the dollars that you raise may cure cancer and save lives.”

That makes the Pelotonia picture seem a little bigger. It is not the bike ride at all, it is not the training… it is the symbol of the journey that is focus. Riding a bike for over 20 miles is not easy however, it is getting past the burn of the legs and the mental feeling that you want to stop. You keep going because you want to take this journey for the cancer survivors. Most of us know someone that is a survivor or someone that has lost their battle. When I think about that person’s journey as if I were in their shoes, it will make Pelotonia seem so much bigger and make raising funds a little easier. When speaking with Tom, he told me the cancer has affected his bones. This makes his life very miserable having to take pain medication everyday. He is grateful to be a volunteer at Pelotonia and see all the riders. Jack Maxton Chevrolet is sending out a big thanks to Pelotonia for letting us take the journey to help cure cancer.

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