Safe Drivers and Happy Holidays



I know we are all in a hurry to get to the in-laws’ house to eat tasty turkey and mashed potatoes, but don’t let getting there put you in a bad mood.  Those pesky speed limit signs can really disrupt a busy holiday schedule. Sometimes it may be easier to ignore them, but unfortunately we cannot think this way.

Yes, speed limits were instated for a reason! Research shows that for every
mile per hour you drive over the speed limit, the likelihood of an accident
increases by 5 percent. I want us all to remain on the research end to understand
this percentage, so take their advice and don’t speed.

So many things are distracting us when we drive. When listening to the
radio we think we hear our phone… curiosity takes over and we have to dig for our
cell. Then the “secret” texting happens because of the new law against texting.
It may be a law, but it is going on right under our noses. Like Jim Morrison
says, “Keep your eyes on the road and hands upon the wheel.”

Aside from those distractions, make sure your vehicle is safe to drive. You
can read more about getting your car ready for winter in a previous blog: There is nothing more irritating than trying to figure out a noise your car is making while driving. Prep your car before you leave on a long trip to try to avoid some of the stress.

Finally, try to be extra aware of your surroundings. There will be holiday
parties and get-togethers where a few drinks are shared. It is a mind boggling
statistic that 30 percent of all fatal accidents include alcohol. It may be an
inconvenience to stay at someone’s house after a party, but you will feel better
about it in the morning.

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