Julian’s Special Delivery

Every year the Westerville Police Department adopts a family for Christmas. This year they adopted the six member Paxton family. Julian Paxton, the father, had been stationed overseas in the military until he was severely injured. He is currently going through intense therapy and, despite the injury, says he is glad to be home for the Holidays.

While visiting the Paxton family, the Westerville PD asked if there was anything they could help with besides toys and food for his family. Julian asked if someone might take a look at the family car that was not running. Westerville PD gladly had the car inspected and learned it needed a new motor. They really wanted to reach out to this family, so they sent out an email blast with hopes of finding a possible donation. The response was not very good until one day, out of nowhere, a call came in. A very kind woman called to say she’d heard about a Veteran and his family who were in need of a car. She proceeded to say she had a check at her house if someone would be kind enough to pick it up, she’d like to help this veteran. The Westerville PD was astonished.

The Police Department reached out to Jack Maxton Chevrolet. They called and asked for help with the purchase of a car for this family. After days of research the Used Car Manager Doug Williams, and Sales Specialist Donna Edwards found the perfect vehicle. They were overjoyed to help this family in need.

The next day, Westerville PD made arrangements for Julian to ride along with an officer for a day. When the ride ended, the officer took Julian back to the station for their annual Christmas luncheon. The Jack Maxton Chevrolet employees took the vehicle to the stationhouse for this special surprise delivery. When the luncheon was over, they presented the car to an unsuspecting Julian. He was totally surprised and there was not a dry eye in the building. The employees from Jack Maxton said it was one of the best things they had ever been a part of and we want to thank all who had a part in this special holiday delivery.

All New 2013 Chevrolet Malibu

Do you like the idea of having a gas friendly car but are looking for something with a wider stance? How about something that looks sporty on the road but fits the functionality of being a working professional or a busy parent? You may be in for a treat with the all new 2013 Chevrolet Malibu! Influenced by the Camaro and Corvette, you get the feel of a sports car with the comfort of a midsize sedan. Chevy calls this aggressive styling and class leading.

 On average, the amount of time spent in a car is around 274 hours per year. Your vehicle has to be comfortable and practical. Chevrolet has been doing particularly nice work with interiors and theMalibucontinues that trend. Of course there’s always plenty of personal opinion when it comes to interiors, but thisMalibuis up near the top. The center console is topped with a larger screen you can flip up to find a useful bits and pieces bin. Downward are the sound system controls with their logical twist knobs for volume and tuning.

Chevrolet will offer the Malibuwith its MyLink, Chevy’s big step into in-vehicle wireless connectivity and technology. MyLink perfectly integrates online services such as Pandora ® internet radio and Stitcher SmartRadio ®­ using hands-free voice and touch-screen controls via Bluetooth-enabled phones. “Car buyers considering the all-new 2013 Chevy Malibu don’t have to settle for mass market radio,” said Jon Hahn,Malibu marketing manager. “They want the option to create their own individual stations and have access to them wherever they are.”

­­­­Chevy fans were celebrating Chevrolet’s 100th anniversary on Pandora with a dedicated Chevrolet station playing the Top 100 songs mentioning the brand. You can visit www.Pandora.com/chevy100. MyLink adds stereo audio streaming and wireless control of smart phones, building on the voice-activated Bluetooth hands-free calling capability already offered in most Chevy vehicles. The Malibu Eco comes with MyLink standard, along with a seven-inch, high-resolution, full-color touch screen display that makes media selection easy to navigate.

What makes it go? Malibu Eco is powered by General Motors’ eAssist setup. A 2.4-liter, four-cylinder gas engine rated 182 horsepower at 6,200 rpm, 172 pounds-feet of torque at 4,900 rpm, is mated with a 15-hp/79 lbs.-ft. electric motor that moves the car momentarily before the gas engine restarts and takes over after extended stops. Electric also provides acceleration boost. Six-speed automatic transmission with manual mode.

The 2013 Malibuwill be at Jack Maxton Chevrolet the spring of 2012. We are excited to show off the body style and technology we keep reading about. Have any questions? Send us a tweet @JackMaxtonChevrolet or email us at sales@jackmaxton.com!  You can also visit www.jackmaxton.com for more information about inventory and details about Jack Maxton Chevrolet.





Jack Maxton @Jingle Bells Run

We at Jack Maxton Chevrolet would like to give a big thanks to Chuck Steel for inviting us to participate in the Jingle Bells Run 2011 for Arthritis Foundation. Chuck has been a great DJ for Friday Night Cruisin’ car shows at Jack Maxton for several years and he’s involved as a volunteer DJ for the Run, which had thousands of runners and walkers who came out to support the Arthritis Foundation. While we were slightly dreading the chilly morning temperatures, the sun was out and it was a beautiful day.  There were so many festive costumes, from Santa to hot pink reindeer. Every runner wore a set of bells on their tennis shoes, bringing new meaning to saying “I’ll be there with bells on!”




Not only was it uplifting to raise funds for a worthy cause like the Arthritis Foundation, we learned how donations help patients like a teenager named Makayla. Makayla was diagnosed with Polyarticular Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis at the young age of 3. Suffering from this particular form of arthritis means she is afflicted in 5 or more joints, equally on both sides of her body. The disease affects her eyesight. Aside from various daily medications, 14-year-old Makayla makes monthly visits to Children’s Hospital inColumbus,Ohioto receive her treatments. Medication is given by infusion through a port. In addition, she receives steroid injections every 4 to 6 months in the joints of her wrists, hips, knees and ankles.

Makayla is not able to do many of the things like other teenagers her age. She cannot attend public school and is taught through home school instruction. She cannot play sports, take dance or run track. This is a hard reality for a child of her age. Still, Makayla is a positive, strong young lady who will warm your heart. She has dreams to someday become a veterinarian.  We have dreams to someday cure arthritis.

To date, the 2011 Jingle Bells Run has raised $205,656 for the Arthritis Foundation! We were very happy to participate in the race and help people like Makayla.

Please visit us on our Facebook page to see what event we are planning next! http://www.facebook.com/#!/jackmaxtonchevy

That Toy is Awesome!

Jack Maxton Chevrolet is very excited to be involved with Toys for Tots 2011. Several customers and employees have already dropped off wonderful donations for the charity. Seeing the array of toys coming in makes you think back on what your favorite toy was when you were a kid. It might be hard to pinpoint one overall, but it is amusing to see the amount of imagination it takes to play with the toys from past decades! As we’ve just been celebrating the 100 year birthday of Chevrolet, let’s look back at some toys from the past decades!


Most kids enjoy a coloring book and crayons.   But, can you imagine crayons being the most popular “toy” in the early 1900’s? It is true. Crayola has been around since 1903! Notice the eight color selection.  






1915, on the other hand, had a totally different twist! This is the year of famous Raggedy Ann, and she is still popular today, as a doll and even a Halloween costume.










1929 – Yo-Yo

Countless hours were spent on not walking your own dog, but learning the trick “walk the dog” with a yo-yo.







1938 – View-Master

Can you imagine what parents were thinking when this came out?  “What will they think of next?” Then, they made the View-Master in 3D!









1947 – Scrabble

Still a fun and challenging game today!







1952 – Mr. Potato Head

Who knew he would be one of the most popular animated characters in Toy Story 43 years later?







1960 – Etch-A-Sketch

I don’t know about you, but a wall size Etch-A-Sketch would beat a video game any day! Think of the possibilities…








1978 – Rubik’s Cube

First of the brain teaser games, it was followed by Simon and the Bop-It.







1983 – The Cabbage Patch Kid

At the peak of their popularity, the dolls were a must-have toy for Christmas. Parents across theUnited Statesflocked to stores to try to obtain one of the Cabbage Patch Kids for their children, with fights occasionally erupting between parents over the hard-to-find dolls. In later years, Coleco introduced variants on the original Cabbage Patch Kids, and derivatives of the original line of dolls continued to be marketed. Hailey Theeuwen was the first known Cabbage Patch doll.







1996 – Tickle Me Elmo

Another toy that made the news in the middle 90’s! It was nearly impossible at the time to purchase the toy at Christmas time. Some people paid up to $300 on eBay.









2006 – Nintendo Wii

Not only was it groundbreaking for video games, it enticed parents to become involved in the fun with games like tennis and bowling.







2010 – Anything Lego!

Kids bring this toy to life! Popular in decades past, the toy was made trendy again with new different shapes of Lego’s and mechanical moving parts kids can control.





So there you have it: a look back in time at some of the most popular toys under the Christmas tree in years past. Every child should have the opportunity to open a gift. You can drop off your unwrapped toy for Toys for Tots in the New Car Showroom, Jack Maxton Chevrolet,700 E. Dublin-Granville Road,Worthington,Ohio43081. Have a Happy Holiday!

What Kind of Vehicle is the Safest for Your Teen?

Giving a set of keys to a teen-ager can flood the parent of even the most cautious new driver with fear. Now a new study shows that the safest kind of vehicle for teen drivers might be a big sport utility vehicle.
The research comes from the Highway Loss Data Institute, a firm run by insurance companies to find ways of reducing crashes and deaths. Using five years’ worth of insurance claims from 2005 to 2010, the HLDI compared the collision rates between adults drivers between 35 and 60 years old and teen drivers between the ages of 16 and 19.
Regardless of the kind of vehicle involved, the HLDI logically found that teens had accidents at a higher rate than adults. For the sliver of teen-agers who somehow find their way to the seat of a supersport motorcycle, the institute found they were more than four times as likely to get into a crash than an older driver. In vehicles with four wheels, teen drivers were up to 2.5 times more likely to have an accident in sports cars.
What surprised researchers was that the crash rate for teens in small cars of all types was still much higher than average — roughly twice as high as adults in the same vehicles, and only slightly lower than the rise of driving a regular motorcycle.  Kim Hazelbaker, senior vice president of HLDI, said in an institute report that small cars may be less forgiving in sudden maneuvers, or that teens may be encouraged to take more risks due to the car’s size.
The lowest risk vehicle for a teen driver? Large and luxury SUVs, where the crash rates for youths were as little as 10% greater than for adults, and posed a lower crash risk than all but the largest cars.
The reason for the gap? Technology. The HLDI study analyzed claims from vehicles newer than the 2006 model year. By that time, large SUVs came standard with electronic stability control — systems that keep vehicles from skidding in emergency maneuvers which has been shown to drastically reduce crashes — while in many cars the tech was still an option, especially smaller, cheaper models that teens often drive. As of the 2012 model year, all vehicles sold in the United States are required by law to offer ESC standard.
Other HLDI studies have shown newer SUVs also do a better job of protecting passengers from injuries and death in crashes than smaller cars and pickups. It defies parental logic to think the safest ride for a 16-year-old might be a two-ton truck, and no vehicle can keep all reckless drivers from harming themselves or others, but for some teens the best answer to driving safely may be to go big.


Central Ohio Dealers Participate in Pelotonia – Ohio Automobile Dealers Association

Three dealers in central Ohio, Jack Maxton Chevrolet, Roush Honda and Team Buckeyecars, raced towards a cure for can at the third annual Pelotonia event. This year’s ride had record fundraising amounts of $13,108,639, reflecting a 68% increase over the 2010 efforts. Roush Honda contributed $22,016.12 towards that amount, Jack Maxton raised $7,806.17 and Team Buckeyecars raised $7528.04. In the three short years of its existence, the Pelotonia has raised over $25 million with 100% of every dollar raised by riders, virtual riders and volunteers is invested in research initiatives conducted by the Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center and the James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute. Pelotonia consists of a three-day experience that includes cycling, entertainment and volunteerism. Pelotonia riders agree to a personal grass roots fundraising commitment that involves requesting donations from friends and family. Over the past three years, thousands of Pelotonia riders have raised tens of millions of dollars for cancer research at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center. Due to the generosity of Pelotonia’s funding partners, the organization is able to direct 100% of all donations to life saving cancer research. For more information about the 2011 event or to learn more about getting involved next year, please visit www.pelotonia.org.