Julian’s Special Delivery

Every year the Westerville Police Department adopts a family for Christmas. This year they adopted the six member Paxton family. Julian Paxton, the father, had been stationed overseas in the military until he was severely injured. He is currently going through intense therapy and, despite the injury, says he is glad to be home for the Holidays.

While visiting the Paxton family, the Westerville PD asked if there was anything they could help with besides toys and food for his family. Julian asked if someone might take a look at the family car that was not running. Westerville PD gladly had the car inspected and learned it needed a new motor. They really wanted to reach out to this family, so they sent out an email blast with hopes of finding a possible donation. The response was not very good until one day, out of nowhere, a call came in. A very kind woman called to say she’d heard about a Veteran and his family who were in need of a car. She proceeded to say she had a check at her house if someone would be kind enough to pick it up, she’d like to help this veteran. The Westerville PD was astonished.

The Police Department reached out to Jack Maxton Chevrolet. They called and asked for help with the purchase of a car for this family. After days of research the Used Car Manager Doug Williams, and Sales Specialist Donna Edwards found the perfect vehicle. They were overjoyed to help this family in need.

The next day, Westerville PD made arrangements for Julian to ride along with an officer for a day. When the ride ended, the officer took Julian back to the station for their annual Christmas luncheon. The Jack Maxton Chevrolet employees took the vehicle to the stationhouse for this special surprise delivery. When the luncheon was over, they presented the car to an unsuspecting Julian. He was totally surprised and there was not a dry eye in the building. The employees from Jack Maxton said it was one of the best things they had ever been a part of and we want to thank all who had a part in this special holiday delivery.

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