Ram Joins Battering

Only weeks after Chevy hits Ford at Super Bowl, Chrysler piles on

NEW YORK — First there was the Super Bowl slam, where drivers of Chevy Silverado trucks lament the loss of their buddy Dave, who doesn’t survive an apocalypse because he drove a Ford.

Now Chrysler runs a national spot from Doner that poses the question: What if you were to take away horsepower, torque and warranty coverage from a Ram? “Well,” says the grizzled voice-over, “you’d end up with a Ford F-150.”

A dogfight has raged for decades in the truck category, where sniping at the competition has been a puerile pastime. But the jabs seem to be coming faster and harder of late, as rivals beat up on Ford.

How long, though, before it hits back?

Ford isn’t saying — “We haven’t seen the ad yet, so we’ll reserve comment until we do,” said a Ford spokesman — but the automaker has not always been satisfied to take the high road.

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Subject: Dare to Compare
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