It’s baseball time at Jack Maxton Chevrolet!

What a way to spend a Saturday morning; watching North Columbus Sports play baseball. There were kids just starting to learn the game and others that looked like all-star players. Seeing the Clinic Leagues (ages 6-8) was so much fun! The expressions on their faces when hitting the ball and taking off to first base was priceless. The Boys’ Clinic League was just starting to slide into bases, and both boys and girls were shouting chants and cheers the entire game. The Junior Boys’ and Girls’ League was a great age that really showed the progression of the hard work the coaches and parents put in. The kids had a great grasp on the game and their increasing competitiveness was apparent. Senior leagues and up (ages 12-18), were bursting with major talent! Everyone looked to be on their “A Game” talking strategy and approach. You were easily drawn into the seriousness of the baseball game with this group of kids.

Jim Johnson, the Clinic Boys’ League Commissioner, gave us the grand tour of the baseball fields and showed us the plans to makeover “Field 6”. With the opportunity Jack Maxton and Chevy Youth Baseball have provided them, they have the chance to raise up to $10,000 to give the field a major face lift. They were very grateful for everything Jack Maxton and Chevrolet has been able to do for them! Also, after meeting with the President of North Columbus Sports, Gerry Deluca, we learned the leagues are heavily invested in raising money for the Make a Wish Foundation ®. They have already raised thousands of dollars for the organization and plan to do more. Jack Maxton Chevrolet will be out volunteering with North Columbus Sports for the fundraising events for Make a Wish Foundation ®, and hope to see you there for a great day of baseball! Stay tuned for dates and times…

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