What are we up to now?

We love to reach out to the community but, how do the employees of Jack Maxton help with the process?

Pete Marlin, BDC Manager, helped with starting a charity called the Warrior’s Breakfast.
Once a Marine has completed the 13 weeks of intense physical and mental training, he or she is rewarded with a warrior’s breakfast. This is a time when new Marines are sent to the chow hall and can indulge on all the foods that were denied him or her for the time they have been training. This is a big deal because for 13 weeks recruits dream of the different foods they miss and in some cases even make lists of what they are going to eat when they get out.
Pete and his friend Anderson Friedline started a Warrior’s Breakfast 2 years ago held at Quaker Steak and Lube at Polaris. Donations were excepted to raise money for a great charity called 4Paws for Ability. This charity helps soldiers that are in rehabilitation with the financial cost for an assistance dog.
Jack Maxton decided to tag-along and create a Warrior’s Lunch. Being the home of “The Best Dog-On Deals” we have a special place in our hearts for our furry friends. The employees of Jack Maxton hosted a potluck and paid $5 to chow down. We are hoping to raise $400 for the charity!

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