Get Your Vehicle Serviced By Jack Maxton Chevrolet

Proper service is key to keeping your vehicle running efficiently

Even if your automobile is out of warranty, your dealer’s service department is the best place to have it maintained and repaired. There are many good reasons to choose a dealer over your neighborhood garage.

Vehicles built in the past two decades have become vastly more sophisticated and complex as the engineers who develop them strive to meet ever more stringent safety, fuel economy and emissions regulations. Networks of computers in vehicles manage everything, including engine and transmission systems, fuel delivery, brakes, airbags, heating and cooling and even audio systems.

Today each carmaker uses its own unique systems and proprietary technology, and understanding how it all works takes specialized, brand-specific training. In addition, maintaining, diagnosing and repairing these systems requires specialized tools and equipment. Many systems in modern vehicles are interconnected––for example, vehicle stability management systems often comprise braking, throttle control and traction control functions––so understanding how they all work together is critical to ensuring they all continue to work as they are designed to.

The service technicians that work at dealerships get extensive factory training and certification on a regular basis to ensure that they are thoroughly familiar with every model that automaker sells. They learn how all the systems work and how to use the proper tools keep them running.

As new vehicle propulsion systems are invented and more technologically advanced vehicles are developed – such as battery electrics, plug-in hybrids and eventually hydrogen fuel cells and even autonomous vehicles – specialized training will be more important than ever.

You depend on your vehicle to get to work, school and the grocery store safely and reliably. In addition to properly trained technicians, dealer service departments also use the same original-equipment replacement parts that went into the vehicle at the factory. Automakers spend years developing and testing new vehicles and every component that goes into them. They also conduct thousands of crash tests to make sure drivers and passengers are protected during an accident.

Third-party replacement parts may look like the originals, but it’s often what you can’t see that makes the difference. Non-original electronics and sensors are often not built to the same standards, and body and suspension components may be produced from different material grades that don’t hold up as well as factory parts. Saving a few dollars on third-party replacement parts can often cost you far more down the road.

The dealer service department will almost always provide a warranty on both the labor performed on your vehicle and the replacement parts the technicians install, something you often won’t get from an independent shop. Whenever possible, it’s best to have your vehicle serviced by the experts that know it best, with training from people that built it. The peace of mind you get will be worth it.

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