GM Transforms Call Centers into Customer Engagement Centers

GM is upping its customer service game by transforming the way that it interacts with customers over the phone. Now, GM will offer assistance not through call centers, but through its newly named Customer Engagement Centers. This new moniker highlights the most important aspect of the change, a focus on engaging customers proactively, rather than making callers jump through hoops to find the answers they need. “At GM, we value the relationships we have with our customers and we want to exceed their expectations at every touch point,” said Jim Moloney, general director of Customer & Relationship Services. “This is another example of the company wide changes that are taking place at GM to get everything right for the customer.”

In most industries, consumers who have questions or problems must first search for the correct phone number, wait through extensive pre-recorded menu options and then hope that the person who eventually picks up has answers or can transfer the call to someone else who does. The new GM Customer Engagement Centers will use the opposite approach, anticipating the customer’s needs and seeking them out before they are forced to endure this lengthy call center process.

“We’re not waiting for customers to come to us,” said Alicia Boler-Davis, vice president of Global Quality and U.S. Customer Experience. “We proactively reach out to offer support and open a dialogue with our Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac customers.”

GM will extend this support through a variety of mediums in order to help its customers most effectively. “This includes our social media team interacting on Facebook, Twitter and popular vehicle forums to offer assistance,” said Boler-Davis.

This engagement procedure will achieve more than just answering the immediate questions of customers. “At the same time, GM is implementing processes and tools to enable the channeling of data from the centers to its designers and engineers to capture the voice of the customer for further improvements in vehicle programs,” states a GM press release.

The lifeblood of these new centers is the advisors who are expertly trained to anticipate and meet customer’s needs. One way they will achieve this is by connecting with new vehicle owners who may need extra support or have issues for which they have not yet sought assistance. These advisors are cable of instantly solving many problems because they are empowered by GM to make many decisions on the spot.

The GM Technical Center in Warren, Michigan will receive approximately 300 of these advisors from the consolidation of several other GM operations. This relocation places advisors in close proximity to other GM employees who will be available to assist advisors by answering questions and providing rapid decisions, when needed, to address any customer concerns that advisors could not resolve.

GM is not only transforming the way that big businesses and customers engage with each other through these centers, they are embracing a wide range of technology to engage with customers in the forums they use most. This will be achieved with a subset of social media advisors, who will work at GM’s Global Headquarters in Detroit.

These Customer Engagement Centers are a sign that GM is rapidly meeting its goal, “to provide the best customer experience in the industry,” as stated in its press release.

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