Car Care: Things You Need To Do Before You Travel With The Family

Simple steps to take before you head off on your holiday travels

AAA predicts more than 42 million people will be travelling 50 or more miles from home during the Thanksgiving weekend. For those who are relying on their cars to get them safely from point A to point B and beyond, here are some tips and suggestions to help ensure your travel plans go off without a hitch.

Before you leave it’s most important to make sure your car is in peak condition. That includes making sure all your lights (front, rear, brake, reverse, fog, turn signal and interior) are working. Your windshield should be clean and have no visible cracks, and your windshield wipers should be streak free and working properly. Make sure your windshield washer fluid reservoir is full, too.

Regardless of how far your journey will take you, your brakes are going to get a work out so make sure there’s no grinding, squeaking or squealing. Your tires should be inflated to the proper tire pressure (see your owner’s manual or the door jamb of your car for proper air pressure) and should have good tread left. If you have any doubts, be sure to see a professional. If your tires haven’t been rotated in a while, have it done before you leave. Any tire balancing or wheel alignment necessary can be done at the same time to minimize uneven wear and extend the life of your tires. Be sure to have any equipment that may be necessary along your route or at your destination, like tire changes if traveling in the mountains, a bag of kitty litter or sand if you may encounter snow or ice, etc. A couple of flares, a flashlight and some extra batteries are always useful, too.

It’s best to check your oil and other fluid levels, even if you’ve had an oil change recently. If any seem low, it’s best to stop by the dealership and let the service techs see if there’s any issue. While you’re there, ask them to check all hoses, belts and other issues like noises or smells that may concern you. If you need to have anything replaced, the dealership experts will likely have the necessary parts on hand and know your car better than anyone else.

Plan your travel days and routes in advance. “The day before Thanksgiving is the busiest travel day of the year, closely followed by the Sunday after the big day,” reports The Travel Channel. The Red Cross recommends that you start your trip with a full tank of gas, be well rested and alert, pay attention to the road and make frequent stops, switching drivers if necessary. If you have a smartphone using apps such as Waze and Beat the Traffic can help to keep your travel times to a minimum, but keeping an old-fashioned map handy is always a smart backup plan.

One of the best ways to ensure safe and uneventful travels is to bring your vehicle into the dealership so the trained technicians who know your car best can make sure it is ready for the road.

This article is presented by Jack Maxton Chevrolet in Worthington, Ohio.

Vehicle Profile: 2014 Chevrolet Volt at Jack Maxton Chevrolet

Drive the car of the future for less


When Chevrolet introduced the Volt in 2011, the editors at Motor Trend called it “a game changer,” likening the car and its breakthrough extended-range electric propulsion system to “a moonshot.” The Volt won the magazine’s coveted “Car of the Year” award for 2011, and in the years since buyers have made it the best-selling plug-in vehicle on the market. Retaining all the qualities that have made it a chart-topper, the Chevrolet Volt pushes value to the forefront for 2014 with a starting price that’s $5,000 lower than last year and it’s available here at Jack Maxton Chevrolet in Worthington, Ohio.

Saving owners money has always been a factor in the Volt equation. Provided its battery is charged regularly, the Volt can travel about 900 miles between fill-ups, which averages out to around one gas-station visit per month. Aiming to help you hang on to even more of your hard-earned dollars, Chevrolet has dropped the MSRP on the 2014 Volt to just $34,185. Apply the available federal tax credit of up to $7,500, and you can own a new 2014 Volt for as little as $26,685.

Innovation runs through every inch of the Volt, but the centerpiece is its groundbreaking powertrain. The Voltec propulsion system earns its “extended range” (rather than “hybrid”) designation because its gasoline-fueled 1.4-liter four-cylinder engine never sends power to the drive wheels. It serves solely as an on-board generator, recharging the car’s advanced 16.5 kilowatt lithium-ion battery while you’re on the go. Full-time electric propulsion comes from the 111 kilowatt electric-drive unit, which cranks out 149 hp and 273 lb/ft of torque.

Last year, engineers adjusted the composition of the lithium-ion battery, leading to a three-mile increase in the car’s all-electric range. That means you can drive the Volt up to 38 miles emissions-free before the gasoline engine seamlessly switches on. The benefit of extended-range operation is clear when you compare the Volt to an all-electric vehicle like the Nissan Leaf. In real-world driving, the Leaf can travel about 100 miles before you need to park, plug in and wait. The Volt lets you keep right on going.

Acceleration is quick thanks to the electric motor’s near-instantaneous torque delivery. Runs from zero-to-60 mph take less than nine seconds, and still the hyper-efficient Volt returns a staggering 98 miles per gallon equivalent (MPGe) combined city/highway in all-electric mode (37 mpg combined in extended range). Plug the Volt into standard 120-volt household power and a full recharge of the battery pack takes about 10.5 hours, or you can cut that time to a bit more than four hours by opting for the available 240-volt charging unit.

Back out on the road, the Volt delivers refined and agile handling thanks to its intuitive electric power steering and independent MacPherson-strut front suspension. Four-wheel antilock brakes, ultra-lightweight 17-inch wheels and low-rolling resistance tires further bolster performance and efficiency.

The Volt easily adapts to shifting travel conditions thanks to four available drive modes. “Normal” delivers economical everyday performance, “Sport” sharpens handling response for aggressive maneuvers, “Mountain” keeps power in reserve for long uphill climbs and “Hold” mode allows you to reserve battery charge while negotiating stop-and-go traffic.

Boasting standard StabiliTrak Electronic Stability Control, Traction Control, eight airbags and high-strength steel construction, it’s no wonder the Volt has earned “Top Safety Pick” honors from the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS), as well as a perfect “5-Star Overall” safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Available driver aids include Lane Departure Warning, Forward Collision Alert, a Rear Vision Camera and Front and Rear Park Assist. Should an accident prove unavoidable, OnStar with the Directions and Connections Plan (standard for the first three years) features Automatic Crash Response to alert emergency responders and guide them to your location. The Volt extends safety even beyond its bumpers – since the car is nearly silent when running in electric mode, the driver can warn pedestrians by issuing a warning chirp from the horn via a button mounted on the turn-signal lever.

Two seven-inch interactive color LCD screens keep you in tune with every aspect of your Volt. A display mounted in the instrument panel features a reconfigurable Driver Information Center that provides an array of feedback, including fuel economy and drive mode. The second display – a touch-screen set atop the center stack – allows you to monitor information such as energy usage and power flow. You can even schedule your car’s charging time for low-rate, off-peak hours via in-car display or your smartphone using the available OnStar RemoteLink mobile app.

With hatchback utility and comfortable seating for four, the Volt requires no compromises. Storage bins and 10.6 cubic feet of cargo space make grocery runs a breeze – even in wet weather thanks to the dedicated umbrella pocket. Want to complement efficiency with luxury? Indulge in the available leather-appointed heated front seats, seven-speaker Premium Bose Energy Efficient Series sound system and Chevrolet MyLink Radio with Navigation (Chevrolet MyLink Radio comes standard).

Last year, the Volt earned “Highest Ranked Vehicle Appeal among Compact Cars, Three Years in a Row” from J.D. Power and Associates. With a $5,000 reduction in MSRP, the 2014 Chevrolet Volt is a shoe-in to run that streak to four.

Friday Night Cruisin’ at Jack Maxton

Jack Maxton Chevrolet just wrapped up the 22nd season of Friday Night Cruisin’. The October 4th show (rescheduled date from September) featured over 200 classic Chevy powered Chevys. Walking through the parking lot you were able to see an assortment of new and seasoned Chevys. We were graced with the appearance of the new 2014 Stingray. The metallic paint was a show stopper and many got to appreciate the piece of art GM has manufactured.


Among the new 2014 Corvette, were many beautiful classics. Jack Maxton Chevrolet gave out over 70 awards to the best Full Size, Truck, Muscle Car, Corvette and Best-of-Show.  The Hipnotics were a crowd favorite and gave a perfect ending to a perfect season. Next season will start in June and run through September; every 3rd Friday of the month. Please join us while we enjoy great Chevys, music and friends!




Below is a video recapping the October 4th show featuring The Hipnotics. Please like and share!

Pre-Winter Car Care Checklist

Planning ahead can save you time and money

With fall in full swing and winter creeping up, it’s time to head to the dealership to check up on some of the things you’ve been putting off and to make sure your car is ready for whatever winter brings.

AAA recommends attention be given to a variety of vehicle components before the colder months strike, including (but not limited to):

  • Battery and Charging System: A fully charged battery can be the difference between getting to work on time and being stuck in your driveway or out in the cold someplace. Your dealer’s service technicians know what to look for and will make sure your battery is ready or give you options if a new one is necessary.
  • Drive Belts and Engine Hoses: Frayed or cracked belts should be replaced. Leaks and loose hoses require action, too.
  • Tires and Tread: Even in regions where snow isn’t an issue, temperatures regularly below 45 degrees F affect rubber not specifically formulated for the cold, which includes “all season” tires, and can reduce tire performance substantially. In these parts of the country, switching to winter tires is recommended. In colder regions, the specially formulated tread rubber of winter tires ensures the best possible traction and handling. Tread depth less than 3/32 of an inch isn’t recommended, and neglecting this can lead to further issues down the road. Keep in mind that tire pressure also goes down as the temperatures get colder, so look on the inside of the door jamb for proper tire pressure levels. Factory trained service professionals can answer your questions and make recommendations specific to your make and model of vehicle.
  • Lights: Make sure your turn signals, headlamps, taillamps, foglamps and other lights are working properly. If a bulb is burned out, the right replacements are in stock to get you back on the road quickly.
  • Wiper Blades/Washer Fluid: As simple as this sounds, being able to see when the weather gets messy is imperative. If you see streaks or spots on your windshield when it rains, you may want to get a new pair of wiper blades. Since they vary by car, stop by and a new pair that’s meets the specifications of your vehicle can be installed. Check your wiper fluid frequently and keep the fluid reservoir filled. Your dealer’s service professionals will also check the fluid level and top it off, if necessary, when you are in for maintenance or repairs.
  • Brakes: When the weather gets sloppy, your brakes play an even bigger role in occupant safety. Bring your car in to make sure all brake components are functioning properly. After a thorough inspection, any issues found will be brought to your attention, and problems, if any, can be addressed.

AAA also recommends you carry an emergency road kit containing the following items at all times:

  • Sand or salt/traction mats
  • Snow brush/ice scraper, shovel
  • Jumper cables
  • Windshield washer fluid
  • Flashlight with spare batteries
  • Cloth or paper towels
  • Gloves, hats, blankets and extra clothes
  • Flares or other warning devices
  • Non-perishable food and drinking water
  • First-aid kit and basic toolkit
  • Mobile Phone with car charger, preloaded with Roadside Assistance phone numbers and, if applicable, account numbers.

These are only a few of the items that need to be checked before you head out this winter. Stop by today for a full inspection, to help ensure your car is running at its best and is ready for anything.

Five Road Races in Ohio

Discover the sights and sounds of autumn on foot.

The fleeting heat of Ohio summers turns to crisp cool air in Autumn, creating the perfect weather for running and outdoor activities throughout the state. Kick up some fall leaves and consider participating in an Ohio road race this season. Support an Ohio nonprofit organization while enjoying the health benefits of outdoor exercise.

Who let the dogs out?
Don’t leave Fido at home. Take him with you to the First Annual Fast and Furriest 5K Run/Walk in Salem. Held on Nov. 9, the race starts at 8:45 a.m. with a 500-meter dog dash. Dogs and owners can participate in the 9:15 a.m. run/walk that begins at Pavilion 8 in Waterworth Memorial Park off Superior Avenue. All proceeds benefit the Humane Society of Columbiana County. Visit for more information.

Warm your hands and heart

Warm your hands with a cup of hot cocoa and warm your heart by going the extra mile for the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Ohio. Participants of the Hot Chocolate 5K/15K Run in Columbus enjoy a pre-race chocolate expo, as well as the opportunity to run either a smaller or longer race route. The race takes place on Nov. 17, and both the 5K and 15K start at 7:30 a.m. in the Arena District in downtown Columbus. Visit to learn more.

Take the turkey

Forget the trophies. Top runners of the Kent State Turkey Trot are awarded turkeys for their talents. This annual event takes place on Nov. 23 at Kent State University’s Stark campus in North Canton. The festivities begin at 8:30 a.m. with a short children’s run, and the 5K starts at 9 a.m. In addition to a small entry fee, the cost to participate includes the donation of a food item to the Stark County Hunger Task Force. More information is available by visiting

Wattle your way

Get a head start on burning Thanksgiving calories by participating in the Second Annual Thanksgiving Wattle to be held Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 28) in Grove City. The 5K run/walk begins at 9 a.m. and will start and finish on Lamplighter Drive. Winners of the race will be rewarded with pumpkin pies. At least 50 percent of the proceeds from the race will benefit local Grove City charities. Visit to register or learn more.

Step back in time

Enjoy the beauty and back roads of Amish country while participating in the Amish Half Marathon and 5K in Berlin on Nov. 30. Old barns, Amish buggies and the colors of autumn will be your backdrop as you begin your run on State Route 39, east of Berlin. The Half Marathon begins at 8:30 a.m., followed by the 5K at 9 a.m. Proceeds raised from the event will benefit the East Holmes Volunteer Fire Departments and the Berlin Main Street Merchants. Additional information can be found by visiting

Head outdoors and beat the wintery weather while running some of Ohio’s most picturesque locations.