Celebrating Earth Day

Observe this environmental holiday by cleaning up the world around you

Earth Day has been celebrated annually on April 22 since 1970. The day is designated as a way to acknowledge the environment and consider ways to make the earth a healthier place to live. People of any age and nationality can participate in this one-day event. The more people who participate in Earth Day, the more impact the holiday will have on the overall environment.

Clean up the environment

Head outdoors and do what you can to clean up the environment in your own neighborhood. Pick up trash along roads, sidewalks and hiking trails. Recycle items that are recyclable and dispose of other items in proper trash receptacles. Clean up sticks and other natural debris that are blocking walking and bike paths and take them to a composting area. Trim trees and shrubs along walking paths, making them more accessible for walkers.

Plant trees or vegetables

Because plant-life increases the quality of the air around you, consider planting on Earth Day. Plant a tree in memory of a friend or loved one. Get a head start on the summer growing season by planting vegetable seeds indoors. Plant flowers in your yard, if possible. Make a pine cone bird feeder to attract and feed birds in your outdoor space.

Start an ongoing program

While focusing on the environment for one day is a positive move, an ongoing effort for environmental preservation is even better. Consider using Earth Day as an opportunity to launch an environmental program in your community. Start a recycling program. Develop a group of local citizens interested in volunteering in your local parks. Organize a community garden.

Enjoy nature

Even if you do not actively participate in Earth Day with a personal project, take the time to get outdoors and enjoy the nature in your community. Visit a park you have never visited. Take a hike in a state park. Enjoy a picnic near a local nature preserve. Visit a local farm.

Make every day Earth Day

Although Earth Day is celebrated in spring of each year, you can make every day an Earth Day in your household. Make a commitment to become more environmentally conscious and reduce your environmental footprint. Conserve utility resources by turning down your thermostat when you are not home, reducing water usage and opening your windows instead of using air-conditioning. Purchase food from local farmers and independently operated businesses, or grow some of your own fruits and vegetables.

Start a composting bin, in order to recycle vegetable and yard waste and use the compost for landscaping or gardening. Make your own cleaning products, instead of using toxic commercial products. Recycle whenever possible and find new uses for items before you discard them. Most important, get away from the computer and the television set and get outdoors. Walk and bike when weather allows and enjoy your natural surroundings.
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