Not Just Another (Fill in the Blank)

There is a reason why car dealerships get a bad rep. Poor customer service, poor quality of vehicles and salesmen who put their greed first are among the top complaints in this industry. In fact, a lot of people cringe at the idea of buying a car. Jack Maxton is different. We stand out from the others because we believe in putting you, the customer first. We strive to deliver the best, each and every time sell a vehicle.

Sometimes it’s hard to set ourselves apart. There are so many people who have had bad experiences that they just don’t want to or can’t believe that the car buying experience could be better. Well, we want to show people how much better we really are. We want to start by giving our customers an opportunity to meet our employees and get to know them personally.

We think our employees are our greatest asset and each of them contributes to the overall well being of the company. Each week, we will feature an interview with one of our employees’ so that you can get to know who truly is at the heart of Jack Maxton.  We hope you enjoy the informative and funny facts we uncover. We also hope it gives you an opportunity to feel comfortable about who we are and what we do!


JM Star of the Week-Jeard Wilson

Name: Jeard Wilson

Birth Date: June 18th, 1978

Occupation: Sales

How long in the Industry?

Since 1996, so about 14 years

How long at JM?

8 years and counting!

One interesting fact about you:

I have traveled around the world. I have been to New Zealand, Italy, France, Germany, England, Mexico, Canada and many more.

Are you married?


Do you have children?


What are your hobbies?

I live to travel and shoot pool

Why should a customer buy from you?

Why not?! You are guaranteed to have fun and a good time  when you buy a car from me!

What is your dream car?

I guess I have never had one.  If I wanted a car, I just got it.

-Nov 29, 2010

T-Day Travel Plans in Your Recipe?

Expect more on the road this year.  According to AAA, the number of American’s traveling this Thanksgiving holiday will increase 11.4% from 2009, with approximately 42 million travelers taking a trip at least 50 miles away from home. Last year, there were only 38 million who traveled for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Why so many travelers this year? Well, AAA President and CEO Robert Darbelnet speculates that even though Americans are price cautious this Thanksgiving, many are in a much better financial position then Thanksgiving a year ago. Plus, he says there is an increase in desire to spend more time with loved ones.

The forecast (if  accurate) would represent a significant upturn in travel volume considering there has been two years of historic decline (25%)  in travel since 2008. Even still, this years expected 42 million travelers is still well below the 2005 peak of 59 million travelers.

Travel by Automobile Still Remains The Dominant Mode of Transportation

In fact, it accounts for 94% of travelers! 40 million people out of the 42 forecasted are expected to hit the road this year. That’s an increase of 12% from last years 36 million who drove for T-day. AAA expects the national average price for a gallon of gasoline to remain somewhere between $2.85 and $2.95 for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Air Travel Also Expected to Increase

Flying the skies is expected to account for 4% of the overall trips this Thanksgiving. That is up 3.5% from last years flyers. Other modes of transportation (i.e. boats, trains, etc) will account for 2% of the overall Thanksgiving day travelers.

However, if traveling by air-don’t expect it to be quick and painless. With the increased security and new full body scanners in several major metropolitan airports,  things might be a little stressful at the gate. Be sure to allow plenty if extra time before flight departure.

The Stats

According to a survey conducted by AAA and IHS Global Insight, the average distance traveled by Americans this holiday is expected to be 816 miles (about the same as one year ago). The median spending is expected to be $495 (about the same as last year). The majority surveyed (82%) indicated that the main purpose of their upcoming travel plans was to visit with friends and family.






Winter Driving-Tips To Keep You Safe

Snow, freezing rain, sleet, ice on the roads-These words are synonymous with treacherous driving conditions. It happens every year to some part of the country-and it happens right here in Ohio too. The experienced driver may think they know how to handle these conditions-may even think they have mastered the art of driving in bad weather…but sometimes these false confidences spell tragedy on the road.

Jack Maxton Chevrolet wants to make sure you are safe this winter and that you know just how to handle whatever the weather decides to throw your way.

Here are 10 tips to keep you out of the ditches and out of a potential accident.

Tip #1-Lights On!

That’s right-drive with your lights on. Daylight savings time equals shorter days. It is critical that other drivers be able to see you.  In snowy or sleeting conditions where visibility is low, it is especially important. So remember to check your lights for bulbs that are burned out (including taillights and brake lights)  and remember to turn them on when it starts to get dark, or there is precipitation.

Tip #2-Winter Emergency Kit

Remember how dad bought you an “emergency” kit when you got your first car? Well-it’s not just for the new teenage driver. Emergency car kits are really smart to have in general. They take up little room and can be stored in your trunk. What do they consist of? A blanket, gloves, boots, warm clothes, water, food, ice scraper, small shovel, flashlight, windshield washer fluid, jumper cables, tool kit, first aid kit, a bag of sand or salt for if you get stuck in snow.

Tip #3-Steer Into the Slide

It may seem scary, but when your tires lose traction on a turn, let off the acceleration and steer into the slide. In other words, turn your steering wheel slightly into the direction that your skidding. It will help your front tires re-establish a connection with the road. Fighting the skid will only make things worse.

If you happen to have a rear wheel drive that looses traction on a turn, ease off the gas and turn the wheel the same direction the rear tires are trying to go. This can help prevent you from spinning out of control.  (Unless of course-you like doing donuts just for fun)

Tip #4-Spare Some Gas

This is just plain common sense. Make sure to always leave at least a quarter tank of gas in your car. If your gas level drops below a quarter tank-you increase the risk of having frozen fuel lines. In addition, it might be a good idea to consider purchasing a small 1-5 gallon gas can and store it (empty) in  your trunk. It is never a good idea to carry gas in your trunk so don’t fill it, but an empty can will be useful if you run out of gas and need to bring some back to your car.

Tip #5-Snow Tires

It might be wise to consider purchasing a dedicated set of snow tires for when winter hits. These heavy duty tires are excellent at tracking through the snow and ice.

Tip #6-Don’t Spin Your Wheels

Traction is everything when it comes to driving in deep snow or on icy roadways. Try to avoid making your tires spin freely by accelerating and decelerating slowly. Leave enough distance between you and the vehicle in front and pay attention to the traffic ahead of you. Watch for brake lights and traffic suddenly stopping.

Tip #7-Don’t Lock Wheels

For those who do not have Anti-locking Braking Systems (ABS)- If you do get into a situation where you need to brake quickly, instead of jamming your foot on the brake, gently apply pressure on and off  the brake repeatedly. This will help prevent it from locking up. For those who do have ABS-apply your foot firmly on the break-the ABS will kick in and you will feel the brake pedal pulsating under your foot.

Tip #8-Stuck in a Rut

Getting stuck in high snow has got to be one of the most frustrating things about driving in winter. If you do find yourself stuck in a rut and you didn’t pack that emergency kit recommended in tip#2, you can try using your floor mats to help you out. Place your floor mats (rubber side down) in front of your drive wheels (the ones that move the car) and carefully apply pressure to your gas pedal. Your tires should grab hold of the mats, giving you just enough traction to get out of the hole you’ve dug yourself in.

Tip #9-False Sense of Security

It’s amazing how many people with AWD vehicles think their vehicle is somehow superior in treacherous conditions. This just isn’t so.  The only thing a 4WD or AWD vehicle does is increase traction control when accelerating. The All wheel drive vehicles are just as likely to loose control when cornering or braking. So please-if you drive one, continue to drive with the same caution as everyone else.

Tip #10-Take it Slow and Steady

Slow and steady wins the race. If its snowy, wet or slippery out, take it easy. It doesn’t matter if your running late or your just plain anxious to get somewhere-it’s not worth the risk of potentially getting hurt or hurting someone else. High speeds increase the potential for traction loss-and traction loss is a bad thing.

Hottest Christmas Gifts This Year!

With only 43 days until Christmas, if you haven’t started on that gift list…you better get on it!  Time has a way of sneaking by without you knowing it  (if you haven’t noticed the days are getting shorter).  We know that finding time to sit down and create a list for your entire family can be time consuming and frustrating.  It gets harder and harder each year to find that perfect gift for your special someone’s .

We thought it might be kind of cool to give you a head start by putting together a  list of  the top hottest gifts for the 2010 year.  So pay attention, these are the hottest gifts ( listed by budget, of course):

Under $50:
Sing A Ma Jig- $9.49 ea. at Toys R Us 

These cute little singing creatures actually harmonize when you put them together. They are all the crazy rage right now for young kids.

Call of Duty Black Ops-$49.95 at GameStop 

For mature players only, but definitely one of the most coveted video games available for Wii this Christmas.

Over $100 but Under $300
Kindle Wireless Reader-$139-$189 at Amazon 

Have you ever Kindled up with a good book? The wireless reader is a very hot item this Christmas. There are tons of books now available on Kindle and you can store a whole library in the palm of your hand.

Wii Special Edition Gaming Console (red)-$199 at Toys R Us 

The 25th Anniversary Mario Wii bundle contains a matching red WiiMote with WiiMote Plus built-in. You’ll also get a copy of Wii Sports and New Super Mario Bros.

X-Box 360 Console (4 GB) with Kinect-$299 at Best Buy ($399 for 250 GB)

The X-Box 360 with Kinect lets players get off the couch and move objects with body motions-no controller required.

From $300-$600
Play Station 3 Game Console 320 GB-$399 at Best Buy 

Blue Ray player, Connection to PS3 Network, Dual Shock controllers and the new Playstation Move technology (activated by your movement similar to XBox 360 Kinect)

Apple iPad 16GB$499 at BestBuy ($599 for 32GB) 

The Apple iPad tablet is a very hot commodity this Christmas with either 16GB or 32GB, a 9.7 inch (diagonal screen) and LED back lit screen with multi-touch display, who wouldn’t want one?

Over $600
Nikon D3100 14.2MP Digital SLR -$616-$846 at Amazon 

If you know someone who loves taking pictures, or is an amateur photographer…this is the gift to get them.

Last, but not least…and yes, we had too. We think buying a new Chevy is a super cool Christmas gift idea for either your spouse, your teenager…or maybe even yourself.  Here is a pick from our inventory for the best Chevy for Christmas!

2010 Malibu 4Door Sedan LT 2.4L Engine

Stock No: 120054

(MSRP $27,625)

SALE PRICE: $22,489

400 miles; White Diamond/Ebony interior, leather seats, moonroof, heated drivers seat, chrome wheels, remote start,  satellite radio, spoiler, OnStar, etc, etc.

If you would like more information on this car, call 1-877-331-1628 and tell the rep you saw it in Jack Maxton’s blog.

Like R2D2 in Star Wars, NASA and GM’s R2 is Entering the Space Race

Star wars fans get ready…NASA has been working with General Motors (GM) to produce a real life R2D2. Named, Robonaut 2, or R2 for short, this humanoid like robot is packed and ready to blast into outer space this week.  R2 will be riding along the space shuttle Discovery for his first work assignment at the International Space Station (ISS).

In 2007, NASA and GM engineers teamed together to begin constructing R2.  Featuring advanced controls, sensor and vision technologies, R2 was designed to assist astronauts aboard the ISS. R2’s launch is schedueld for today, November 1st.  GM’s press release dated October 25th, 2010 states that “One of GM’s core goals is to lead in advanced technology and quality, said Alan Taub, GM’s vice president of Global Research and Development.  “This partnership and the development of R2 are providing us with innovative technologies that will help us achieve these goals in both our future products and plants.”

R2 Developed by GM and NASA-(img retrieved from GM Website)

The sensory technologies used to design R2 will have down to earth practicalities as well. The vision sensors designed for the robot will be used to make future vehicle safety systems.  Some of GM’s current products such as Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac already offer crash avoidance technologies that utilize similar sensor technology.  Some of these technologies include: lane departure warning, side blind zone alert, adaptive cruise control and rear park assist.

In addition, GM hopes to make the workplace safer as well. R2’s hands are extremely skillful and could be used to assist in manufacturing environments that are hazardous.

NASA and GM have partnered together on several occasions, dating back to the 1960’s when they designed the Apollo navigation systems together. GM also helped with the deployment of the Lunar Rover Vehicle, the first car like vehicle to be used on the moon.

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