Memorial Day Tips and Tricks

With Memorial Day around the corner, big weekend plans are being made. The pools are opening and the amusement parks come alive. What are you doing for the 3-day weekend? Do you find yourself staying around town due to gas prices or do you ask your family to come to your house this year for the cookout excitement? If you do decide to go out of town, here are some tips we would like from Doing it Right “Saving Gas over the Memorial Day Holiday.”

Remember there will be traffic! Leaving a little earlier would definitely help with the amount of traffic you run into. People usually leave Friday after work. If you decide to leave 5-6am on Saturday morning, you could avoid a long wait. But if you get stuck in traffic, pull over to the side and turn off your car. Having your car idol even for 15 minutes can use a quarter-gallon of gas.

Are you going the speed limit? If it says 65mph and you are doing 75mph on a 500-mile drive, that is the difference of getting an extra 4mpg a gallon! If you think about the time that it takes you to fill up versus going a little slower when driving, you are going to end up at point B at the same time and be a little richer. To maintain the 65mph, try using your cruise control. This will save on those fuel sucking surges in speed.

There are going to be those “special” drivers on the road that are taking a weekend stroll. I know with some this spikes the blood pressure and makes you want to drive a little more aggressively. But if you take it easy, you can reduce mileage by 20%!

This should be an easy one to follow… use your air conditioning! It is far more efficient than you might think, and at highway speeds! Opening the windows suck fuel by reducing a vehicle’s aerodynamic efficiency.

Following these tips will help you get from place to place without your gas gauge dropping so quickly!  Jack Maxton Chevrolet wants to wish you a very Happy Memorial Day! Please be safe and enjoy the warm weather that is to come. If you need anything this weekend please visit to see the hours that we are open.

New article in USA Today

We have to keep you optimistic about the fuel economy these days; so you will see several informational blogs about the new Chevy Volt. There are many questions as a consumer that you need answered. The realization is that 10 years from now almost all cars will be running off of another source then gas. Technology changes so much that you have to be excited about what is to come. At the end of the year at Jack Maxton Chevrolet will get to see a product that is light years ahead of its time. To get to see the Chevy Volt in action is going to be an astonishing. USA today had a great article about the car that we wanted to share.

“If nothing else, this statistic alone must have General Motors feeling pleased about its decision to make a breakthrough electric vehicle: Almost nine out of 10 customers who come to Chevrolet dealers to see the electric Volt are new to the brand.

As a result, Chevrolet is making a special effort to make sure there are enough Volts as dealerships and demonstration cars. More than 550 are being dispatched already.

The Chevrolet Volt demonstration units are a popular showroom draw for dealers as they let consumers look, touch and drive the electric car with extended-range capabilities. It’s part of the plan to gain exposure for the vehicle and the Chevrolet brand.

Almost nine of 10 customers who traded in a vehicle as part of their purchase are new to the Chevrolet brand. That’s why hundreds of Volts that could be sold to individuals are tagged for dealers as demo vehicles, meant for customer exposure to the Volt and to other Chevy products they might otherwise not see.

“The Volt is clearly bringing new customers to our dealership,” said Rick Alpern, general manager of Keyes Chevrolet inVan Nuys,Calif.”We are seeing customers who own competitive brands that have never visited a Chevy dealership before. Now they have a Chevy on their shopping list because of the Volt.”

Chevrolet dealerships in the initial launch markets of California, Connecticut, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Virginia and Washington D.C., have taken delivery of more than 550 dedicated Volt demonstration vehicles for customer test drives. By the end of the year, more than 2,500 U.S.dealers will receive a dedicated Volt demo

Chevy expects to deliver Volts in all 50 states by the end of 2011. Deliveries begin in Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Oregon, Washington and Hawaiiin the third quarter.
USA Today

Get your car ready for Spring!

I don’t know about you but after the winter months my car needs a serious deep cleaning. With all the salt that gets in my floor mats, I think that I could salt a small road. Not including all the rain that we have had lately, there is mud on top of all that. I wanted to give you a few tips to help with the season’s transition.

 A few weeks ago Jack Maxton Chevrolet posted a link on Facebook called “What’s that smell?” This was inquiring about the smell that comes out of your vent when you turn on you’re A/C for the first time this year. If you smell something that resembles mold or mildew this is something that needs immediate attention. Luckily it is an easy fix; just have one of our certified techs do an A/C odor removal service.

 Do you hear a squeal or a squeak coming from your car? The most common conversation for a tech to have with a customer is them explaining what kind of noise their car is making. Although as a customer you may know it is coming from the front or back, most times the sound is just an annoyance to your busy morning. When you are in for your routine oil change make sure you ask your tech to check filters, hoses and belts. Spotting one before it fails will keep you in the black and save on grief. No one likes to be the one at the stop light with the irritating, loud squeal.

 With raising gas prices, you want to make sure your tires are not underinflated or overinflated. You want them inflated to the proper pressure. Tires lose about one psi of air pressure per month, underinflated by 2 psi could reduce fuel economy by 1%. While getting your tires pumped up make sure you check that there are no nails, cracks or abnormalities in your tires. You can also do the good old penny test to check your tires.

 I’m sure by now if you live in Ohio you already know if your wiper blades work, but note that your wipers should be changed every 6 months. A good tip if your wipers are like a Rain-X brand, make sure when the rain stops to turn your wipers off right away. This is because it could leave a heavy film on your window shield.

 Going on a road trip? Make sure you check your emergency road side kit. A tire jack, flashlight, and tools are a must. Have you put thought into bug spray, sun block and a first-aid kit? It sounds like a lot but if you can find these items on sale and with a coupon, it is a lot better then having to pay full price for it when you need it asap. Another way to help the wallet!

 Last but not least, do you have all the correct paper work in your car? Make a stop by your glove box and check. You will want to make sure vehicle registration, insurance and inspection are current.

 I heard a statement on the radio that only about 20% of the routine maintenance is done to your vehicle every year because a person is not educated on what needs to be done. Want to know more tips to keep your car in tip top shape? Call us at Jack Maxton Chevrolet at 1-877-331-1628.

A Smart Question Answered

After a long day of work occasionally you may find yourself in a line. It could be a line at the grocery store, at the post office or even a restaurant. In the midst of waiting, small talk is going on around you. You hear the weather come up, sports teams and these days gas prices seem to be the big topic.

 Almost everyone can relate to the cavity in your pocket that gas prices have caused. It’s an inevitable subject that is happening across the U.S. What can we as the people really do about it? We have to go to work, college and do everyday activities. Some are able to ride a bike and others can walk, but it is plain to see that the prices are here to stay for awhile.

 You have heard about electric cars and how much it could potently save on gas. However, some of you raise a good question. How much does it cost to “charge” your car at home using electricity versus buying a gallon of gas? This is a very good question and we would love to give you an answer.

“When you compare battery to gasoline power, electricity wins hands down. A  study by the non-profit Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) calculated that powering a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) would cost the equivalent of roughly 75 cents per gallon of gasoline—a price not seen at the pump for 30 years.

The calculation was made using an average cost of electricity of 8.5 cents per kilowatt hour and the estimated distance the car would travel on one charge, versus a car that gets 25 miles per gallon and is powered by $3 per gallon gasoline. Change any of those variables and the relative costs change. For example, substituting a car that gets 50 miles per gallon doubles the comparative electrical cost (though it still works out much cheaper than gasoline). On the other hand, in some areas where wind or hydropower is wasted at night—just when the PHEV would be charging—the utility might drop the kilowatt hour cost to two to three cents, making the charge much less costly.”

Around the end of the year Jack Maxton Chevrolet should receive the new Chevy Volt. We are beyond doubt excited for the new technology and can’t wait for its arrival. The Volt just won the 2011 Motor Trend Car of the Year award. This is the most prestigious award that could be given to an automobile. Even though the car may sound a little futuristic at the moment, when you see more and more of them on the road you may feel a little more educated and at ease with the electric powered car. Think about the first cars that were assembled and how obscene that sounded to the public. The invention went from running on gun powder to kerosene, then finally to gas power.

We are a technical based society and this means we are always looking for new ways to advance the vehicle. Not only is it revolutionary, it is necessary. Have any questions about the Volt? Feel free to call our talented Sales Specialists at 1-877-331-1678 or visit

#1 Chevy Dealer in Ohio…What else?

Jack Maxton #1 Chevy Dealer in Ohio…What else?

We can tell you until we are blue in the face that Jack Maxton Chevrolet is the #1 dealership in Ohio. When you are thinking about buying a car, do you remember that statement?  Or…do you go online and read reviews about all local dealerships and visit dealerships to see which one fits you best? Cost and MPG’S is almost always the concern. We explain these concerns to you as a customer; but what else can we do to keep you as a lifetime consumer?

We know at Jack Maxton that it comes down to community and reputation. Walking into a dealership is very intimidating as a buyer. Most think of the “car salesmen” that you see on television. If you read tons of reviews about a dealership that are awful online or by word of mouth, more then likely you do not shop them because you do not want that same experience. Jack Maxton Chevrolet loves feedback; this is one facet that can make a business grow in a positive way.

Here are a couple reviews that were posted on in April.

 04/23/2011 “I just purchased a 2011 Equinox and this was my first experience with Jack Maxton Chevrolet. My salesman was Frank Eliaspour who was very professional, honest and outgoing. He answered any questions that I had and knew a lot about the vehicle I wanted to purchase. I would highly recommend him to any family and friends. “

 04/17/2011 “Mike was great! He was very attentive to our needs and budget. We shopped several dealers looking for a minivan and felt most comfortable with Mike and Jack Maxton Chevrolet. He was sincere, friendly and honest. I would definitely recommend Mike Champer to anyone who is looking to purchase a vehicle.”

 Also, we like to get involved with the community! In May we are celebrating the Military discount. The discount is always available; but this month we are extending it to Military retirees and their spouses. This is one of the most honorable discounts that we give and is the best military discount from any car company. Cell Phones for Soldiers is another charity event we love to be involved in; making it easier for a soldier to call home to family and friends.

 We also have a great program with Chevy Youth Baseball. Jack Maxton is giving funds to Olentangy Youth Athletic Association to help build a new field for their growing baseball program. With the funds also come shirts, ball buckets, bat bags and bat racks. It is great to be able to support a local team!  

 The Jack Maxton Chevrolet Cruisin’ is one of our favorite events. We get car enthusiasts alike to show off their Chevy’s ranging from 1953 – current. This allows the community to get together and enjoy great timepieces and current marvels. We are celebrating 20 years of Cruisin this year!

 Also, there are a lot of people that work at Jack Maxton Chevrolet and we would like you to get to know them better. This will help you be more comfortable when you are ready to purchase your next vehicle. All staff pictures are on our website But here are some interesting facts you can read now. 


Someone to know in New Cars is… 
Andy Mackay
He has been at Jack Maxton over 53 years! He is a great “people” person, loves his job and has great stories to tell.


Our “Corsair” is Chuck Curry – His daughter and grandson work here and he has been employed here 49 years! 

In Used Cars is someone newer, Mike Champer.
He loves working at Jack Maxton Chevrolet because we have a great reputation here and a friendly environment. He has worked at dealerships before and this is his favorite.


InService are Jeff Craig and Clyde Woodson. Both have immense amount of experience and have so much fun doing their jobs. You can see them on the front page of our website:

We strive to be more than just another dealership, there are just simply too many out there. You have the right to get to know the people that are selling you one of the biggest purchases of your life; and the people that will be helping you with routine maintenance on your vehicle. So please give us your reviews on and feedback on facebook. Jack Maxton wants to keep showing you why we are the #1 Chevy dealership inOhio, and we hope to get to know you soon!