This is a Chevrolet Million Mile (plus) Story… told by Frank

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Recently, we posted a blog about a Chevy Silverado hitting a million miles. Soon after this went live we received a phone call from a gentleman named Frank. Frank had an amazing story to tell about his Chevy Silverado nearing 1,300,000 miles! We were honored to hear his story and repost it for everyone to read.

This is a Chevrolet Million Mile (plus) story… told by Frank.

“Frank, I think I found the truck for you! ” Jim Thornton told me over the phone. Nobody could have known the significance of those words uttered by Jim, in June of 1996. I was, (and still am) an independent seafood and steak distributor in need of a newer truck at the time. I had over a quarter million miles on my then current truck. Jim being retired could take time to search out a suitable truck for me. He located it at Scaffiddi Motors in Steven’s Point; Wi. The Service Manager had used it as his personal truck when I purchased it with 41,000 miles on the clock. The original owner bought it new and when he passed away – his widow traded it in. All of the maintenance records were included when I bought the truck. I got a loan for 3 years and at the end of 3 years I had way over 300,000 miles on the truck. Now, I hate debt, and here I had just made my last payment on a truck with way over 300,000 miles and I didn’t know anybody with that many miles on anything, ever!

So, I had to make it last. To that end, I developed a plan. First off I’m a consistent driver, easy on the gas and easy off of the gas. I’m easy while braking and warm up my engine thoroughly before starting out. I’m also very consistent with my preventive maintenance and always go to the same facility for my truck’s service. I believe all of these things are important to extracting all of the value out of my truck. My truck is powered by one of the Truly Legendary Engines of all time, the Small-Block Chevy engine. When it’s 350 engine was built at the Van Slyke Road Plant inFlint, Mi. (since torn down) it was assembled with great care and attention to detail. I drive fromMinn. through the U.P. ofMichigan, Northern Indiana,Illinois, as well as most ofWisconsin. I’ve towed a trailer for a good part of my truck’s operational life, and never give it a second thought that my Chevy might let me down.

When I finally realized that this truck was in for the long haul, I made sure to get lifetime replacement parts when things wore out. Things like exhaust systems, alternators, starters. Some have said that since parts have been replaced that the truck is no longer original, and therefore it’s no big deal. What IS a big deal is that my truck’s engine has never been overhauled! It has its, original bearings, rings, pistons, valves, guides, gaskets and seals and cam. It also has its original timing chain! This was confirmed by GM Engineers in July 2008, as well as June, 2011.

My truck still drives smoothly, idles smoothly and still turns heads. I have retained all of my records, receipts and logs. I use an engine additive with PTFE and an oil system cleaner as part of my regular maintenance protocol without fail. I drove 1400 miles in June 2011 to take part in a film project for General Motors celebrating 100 years of Chevrolet. I told the interviewer there was no way to fit my story into a 45 second commercial. I added, I have such confidence in my Chevy that I just spent over $ 1,100.00 on new tires, wheel bearings, bushings, brakes etc. on the front end because I plan on driving it and relying on it … 1,289, 882 miles, and counting!

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