Jack Maxton Accessories: Columbus Dispatch Article

TrucksJack Maxton Chevrolet is very excited to be one of  few dealerships in Ohio to have an Accessories Deptartment. Columbus Dispatch came out to do an interview with Jack Maxton Chevrolet  to reveal how easy it is going to be to Access-orize your ride. There will be everything from new wheels to apparel for the car owner.  Not only will the new deptartment make a ride look amazing, you can also add more utility. There is no limit to what you can do!

Publication: The Columbus Dispatch; Date: Apr 2, 2011; Section: Columbus Cars; Page: E1




A new 1,200-squarefoot showroom, dedicated solely to accessories, opened last weekend at the

main dealership in Worthington. You can get something as simple as a keychain or as high-tech as a remote

starter kit, and everything in between.

“We’ve been brainstorming about this for about a year and with the help of ADW (Automotive Distributors

Warehouse), we got things going here,” said Andy Lhamon, Jack Maxton sales manager. “The products here are

GM products, and we feel the GM product is the upper standard for quality.”

Lhamon said if accessories are purchased at the time of a vehicle purchase, they could be rolled into the

financing of the vehicle. If installed at the time of purchase, the accessories could get lumped in with the vehicle’s

bumper-to-bumper, three-year, 36,000-mile warranty. That might not be a big deal if you are buying all-weather

floor mats, but it’s a benefit if you are purchasing a set of high-end wheels and tires.

“If you buy here, and something happens while you are driving in Florida, you can take it to any GM dealer to

get it taken care of,” Lhamon said. “Having that warranty and piece of mind to go with it is important.”

Lhamon has heard of others doing an accessory center, but not to the extent that they have at Jack Maxton. The

accessories showroom also features some interactive media items and a touch-screen monitor that allows

customers to see how their add-ons would look on their vehicles. “Here we get to build it, interact with the

customer and show them exactly what their vehicle will look like after install,” said Paul Schoo, accessories

manager. “There’s no other car company (in Columbus) that has anything this extensive in any of their

showrooms.” The showroom is must-see for anyone buying a new car, but is also the place to go for current car

and truck owners who need to find a replacement item that is a perfect match. “Somebody might own a three-year

old Chevy and not know where to go for original parts or accessories, “ Schoo said. “We can install or they can

install, but they know they are getting quality GM parts.”

“Jack Maxton Chevrolet has the largest dedicated area to GM accessories in the state,” said Ashley Smith,

territorial manager for ADW.